Topic of the Week: Your DC-10 Memories

It’s getting harder and harder to hitch a ride on a Douglas Commercial aircraft. The last passenger operator of the DC-10, Biman Bangladesh, has sent it off into the sunset. Douglas knew how to build airplanes to last forever. The DC-10 was a tank that could soldier on for many years, but the economics simply don’t work in the age of twin engine widebodies. I’m amazed the aircraft kept flying commercially for this long.

Of course, the DC-10 had a checkered early history with cargo door problems and a high profile accident in Chicago (though that was really a maintenance issue). Let’s not forget United 232 which cartwheeled on the Sioux City runway.

But the airplane became a reliable workhorse which provided me with many happy memories. My first intercontinental flight was on an SAS DC-10 from LAX to Copenhagen. It took me to Hawai’i on more airlines than I can count. In fact, my last DC-10 ride was on Hawaiian Air. Now it’s your turn. Let’s hear your DC-10 memories.

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