Topic of the Week: PeopleExpress Tries Yet Again

Remember when the new PeopleExpress said it would be flying by Summer 2012? Ha, not even close. It bought the certificate for XTRA Airways but that didn’t go anywhere. Now it’s said to be trying to buy the certificate of defunct Ryan International. Is this going to go anywhere? Anyone think we’ll see them fly ever?

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13 Comments on "Topic of the Week: PeopleExpress Tries Yet Again"

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Maybe they’ll enter into a codeshare agreement with Air Azul and Festival Airlines.


Maybe they will change their name to family airlines.

All that aside I would bet they found out the charter business makes more money then the silly flying they wanted to start.


They operate for a couple years and acquire Frontier (again)


Being from the PIT area, I’m hoping they do start since they want to make us a focus city. With that being said, we also don’t need a Columbus and Skybus.

David SF eastbay

I had forgotten all about them. Speaking of which, what happen to California Pacific Airlines? Surf Air at least got off the ground.

David M

Pretty much dead. FAA said it would be until sometime in 2014 before they’d be able to begin reviewing their latest application. They’ve laid off their staff, returned the airplane, and the CEO’s gone home to Florida.

Sean S.
Do I see PeopleExpress ever happening? No. Do I see another airline entrant in the future? Yes. When companies main reason for profitability is severe capacity constraints in the market you are painting a huge target on your back, one that can be exploited by a new entrant. While we are certainly starting to see a re-investment in on-board product, the reality is that airlines are mostly getting ahead by whatever you want to call it, nickel and diming/unbundling/fee’s. It’ll be interesting to see how Frontier’s experiment in using alternative airports works, and whether we might be seeing a step… Read more »

I don’t think anyone, in the industry ever thought PeoplExpress would get off the ground, unlike Kiwi. If they found a market like Stewart (SWF) to florida, or Islip (ISP) to BOS etc then maybe but who needs another start up now.


I was with Frontier when PE took over and it was a disaster for both. PE was a catchy name for an airline,but that’s all!


I feel your pain.

Oh, fun. Sorry Bret, but you’re not old enough… Does anyone remember the Freddy Laker-like folks that made the ‘Original’ People Express? New York to Los Angeles and maybe San Francisco returns? B742 and even 741 hardware, one class, max legal seats and if you need a tissue for your nose, it was ‘use your sleeve.’ I don’t recall why that edition of People Express failed but it was not due to low load factors. Management issues? I know of one NYC “Acting” Supreme Court Judge, essentially a purchased seat, who flew the route frequently and with a lap infant,… Read more »

Thanks for helping me. As I didn’t follow the recent PEx activities, I was confused on Brett’s article.
About the “original” PEx you can use the wikipedia article as a starting point:
Funny enough, there was a “Frontier Airline” involved as well back then :) .


I smell Gumbo, or is that The Coast?