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Cranky Concierge deals with a lot of unhappy people in tough situations, and that can be exhausting. So it’s important for us to take a minute and enjoy when people come back to us with compliments.

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David SF eastbay

Everyone is always quick to complain about something or someone, we all do it, but only a few people will take the time to contact a company and praise something or someone.

This is something everyone needs to work on and remember in life. A company doesn’t know they are doing something ride unless you tell them.


Brett- Thank you so much for your cranky flier website, blogs and emails..its always is a nice thing to see what the airlines are doing and what gripes (or praise) I read about. I amd a retired U.S. Army Soldier and now civilian who has flown many thousands of miles over my 30 year career and seen the U.S. Airlines go from a treat and pleasure to almost dreading to fly nowadays (especially those dang 50 pax CRJs or ERJs for 1200-1500 mile trips (where I live (COS) most of the flights out of my home airport are those aircraft…not… Read more »