Cranky on the Web (November 9 – 15)

Selling to a captive audience, at 30,000 feetMarketplace
I commented in a piece talking about what airlines are going to do with big data. (This should have gone up last week, but I didn’t get the link in time.)

In the Trenches: A Sudden AbsenceIntuit Small Business Blog
We had a death in the family recently and that meant I had to figure out how to deal with work.

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David SF eastbay

Sorry to hear about your grandfather. Hope you weren’t one of those tacky people at a funeral checking their email on their smartphones.

There are times when you have to pry yourself away from work even if it’s your company. Any business owner for a short time can get away for a family emergency or just a child’s school play and the business will not fall apart, which is why you have to depend on other’s in the company to still carry on.


My condolences.


Sorry to hear that my friend