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Financial incentive plan could boost flights at ONTDaily Breeze
Ontario is trying to woo traffic now, and I was asked to comment. This is quite the reactive response from LAWA to stave off an effort by locals to take control of the airport. It shouldn’t make a difference.

In the Trenches: The Value of Face TimeIntuit Small Business Blog
Though we’re a virtual organization, there is definitely some value to getting together in person.

Flying with an Infant: Demystifying the FAA’s Confusing RulesConde Nast Daily Traveler
The FAA rules are surprisingly vague on traveling with an infant. I try to break it down the best I can here.

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Paul Bowers of the Airport Improvement News blog recently wrote about mis-named airports, and I responded to him, quoting ONT as a glaring example. His response is correct – there are in reality two problems, one being the name, and the second being the ownership. I’m surprised that someone thinks that a quick shot of “marketing money” will fix what is in reality a long-term problem. Until someone is willing to resolve the ownership issue, the name won’t be changed, and until the name is changed “Ontario” will continue to be known by most people outside of S. California as… Read more »
David SF eastbay

I still don’t understand why ONT has had such problems all these years. It’s not like it’s in the middle of nowhere with no one living around it.

If they were away from the same body responsible for LAX, they may do better at getting more business.

David SF eastbay

Good story about flying with infants and the example of the F/A giving the wrong info. That is so common in business these days as the last people who know rules and regulations are the ones enforcing the rules and regulations.

When flying one needs to do their homework ahead of time and print out airline and federal rules and pull them out when needed to show when issues pop up.


I really don’t think that “local control” is going to make any difference. SNA is in a wealthy area where people don’t want to drive to LAX. BUR serves downtown LA and Hollywood for short-haul business traffic. ONT is not in a particularly rich or economically significant region, so convincing people to fly there when LAX offers far more options is going to be difficult.