Cranky on the Web (December 31 – January 4)

2013: Wishes for smooth journeysCNN
They asked for a wish for 2013, so I decided to go to an extreme.

Johnny Jet and Flight Delays Part IIThe Tech Guy with Leo Laporte
Johnny Jet was kind enough to praise Cranky Concierge on Leo Laporte’s show last week.

In the Trenches: When the Power Goes OutIntuit Small Business Blog
When I was in Indiana during the holidays with a snow storm approaching, I started to think about what to do if the power went out.

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David SF eastbay
When the power goes – It’s not always winter time when the power goes out. A few some odd years ago we had a heat wave and my city was over a hundred when we don’t get that high. My area for three days was 105 and the power went out and kept going out as fast as they could get it on. So for three days we had no power which meant moving out and staying with family that had power. So a small portable generator could come in handy more then you may think. Beats having to stay… Read more »