Cranky on the Web (December 10 – 14)

Photos: Inside Lufthansa’s New Business ClassConde Nast Daily Traveler
I was at LAX for the first 747-8 flight on Lufthansa to the airport and got a tour of the new business class cabin. Here’s a closer look.

The Secret To Small Business Success? Cloud Apps, Mobility And Human ConciergesGetApp
I was interviewed by these guys about how Cranky Concierge started and how technology played a part. I have to say that I enjoyed reading the finished product a lot.

In the Trenches: Holiday Cards and GiftsIntuit Small Business Blog
It’s that time of year when everyone gives holiday gifts. This is always tough for me to figure out.

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David SF eastbay
An email holiday greeting just screams tacky unless it’s part of a business mailing offering something (discounts, specials,etc). Maybe I’m old fashion, but an actual card in the mail is more personal to thank someone and remember them at this time of year. Now if all you had is someones email address that would be different since that would be your only option of contacting them. You mention small business clients, if there is one inside person who decides if they use you or someone else for their travel needs then a small gift to them is needed (a.k.a. brown… Read more »

Cranky – anyone other than LH and a couple of other carriers likely to order the 747-8I? The F seems to be far more popular….

George Stewart

Try Frequent Flyer Humor. Excerpts on Amazon.


I think I’ll try that new business class in LAX. Haven’t do a flight wit hthem for a while since I had issues about their delays in my past flight.

Adrian Jenkins

I don’t think much of that LH business class seat. It’s very tight. It also doesn’t seem so good for people who sleep on their side. I think the fold down the seat to reveal a bed type of seat (a la Air New Zealand), is a much better option.