Topic of the Week: Can Richard Branson Fix American?

Sir Richard Branson, boss of all things Virgin, did an interview with NPR last week explaining how he would fix American.

“You would need to really go into all the planes; gut them out, you know; get the best interior designers, as you would with a new hotel, to completely refigure them, you know; put in the best leather seats; put in the best entertainment you can; work with the crew to make sure they have the best uniforms, the ones which make them really feel great, and let them decide on what uniforms they want to have; and you know, just surpris[e] people. …

“Relative to the income you’ll get as a result, it’s not a huge expense … and, ultimately, it’s the only way to survive….

In other words, Branson says he’d turn American into another money-losing venture, Virgin America. Words can’t express how crazy this sounds to me so I’ll leave it to you…

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