Cranky on the Web (August 20 – 24)

When Children Fly Alone (Radio Appearance)The Kojo Nnamdi Show
I was asked to come on to talk about the whole United unaccompanied minor fiasco. You can listen to the segment as the link above.

In the Trenches: Why We Do ThisIntuit Small Business Blog
There’s no question we have our fair share of difficult Cranky Concierge clients, and that’s not a problem. But it’s really nice when we get someone who is incredibly appreciative of the assistance we were able to provide. It reminds us why we do this.

Frontier’s New Small-City Strategy Seems To Be Working—Here’s WhyConde Nast Daily Traveler
We’ve already talked about this here on Cranky but this is another look at small cities seeing a new face in town thanks to Frontier’s new strategy.

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  1. I see they canceled Durango-Las Vegas so not all small cities go as planned. But that frees up equipment for somewhere else.

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