Cranky on the Web (June 18 – 22)

Frontier Airlines suspends mileage donations to
We talked about this yesterday, but I was asked to comment on it, so I included the link here.

In the Trenches: A Test VacationIntuit Small Business Blog
I’m preparing to go on vacation by taking a test vacation. Sounds weird, but it was a huge help.

6 Responses to Cranky on the Web (June 18 – 22)

  1. Brett isn’t this your usual Saturday post?

  2. Take time off from work when you can, it’s no good to always be working or thinking about it.

    The one time when you really should be working on the business, it when there are poopy diapers to change and someone else is around to do it…

  3. Zack Rules says:

    Hey Cranky, are you going to write about Air India again? Their pilots are on a hunger strike!

    • CF says:

      Zack – That is insane. I hadn’t heard about the hunger strike, but I just looked it up. Um, good luck with that . . .

  4. Taylor says:

    Wow there is a hunger strike in Air India? Well hopefully that ends sooner than later. Also i agree with David that it sounds like you need to take a nice vacation from work. Although your test vacation sounded like it worked out well.

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