Want to Earn More Miles? Get a Credit Card and Help Cranky

I’ve received a lot of expressions of support from readers over the years wishing that they could do more to help support Cranky financially. Until today, the main way you could help was by using Cranky Concierge, and that’s not changing. But there are many of you who don’t need or want our service. So what else can you do?

Starting today, I’m getting in on the credit card game. A lot of our clients ask us about ways to get more miles to use for trips, and one of the best ways is by signing up for credit cards. You’ve probably seen a million other blogs talking about different credit card deals, and there’s a good reason. Credit cards pay pretty solid referral fees.

You’re not going to see me writing about credit cards and pushing deals. That’s not what The Cranky Flier is about, and I have no interest in changing that. But I will be maintaining a page on the site (you can see the link in the menu bar up top) that will have the latest credit card deals. Maybe, on occasion, if there’s something truly amazing, I’ll post on a Wednesday (as I’m doing today) so that it doesn’t interfere with the regular posts. But don’t expect to see that often.

So, if you’re in the market for a new credit card or you’re just looking to get some miles, check the page out and see what’s there. If you have any questions, email me at cf@crankyflier.com and I’m happy to answer them. Here’s a list of the cards that I have on the page today:

[Update: My participation in this program ended on July 6, 2012 so all links have been removed. Thanks to everyone who participated.]

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