Cranky on the Web (February 13 – 17)

“Cranky Flier” Explores Decline in Small City Airline Service – Part 2 of 2ExpertFlyer Hot Topics
In part two of this series, I look at the government programs to help keep small service, primarily Essential Air Service. The conclusion? These aren’t going to cut it – and in fact, can do damage.

Don’t be Fooled by Hawaiian Air’s “Stellar” On-Time PerformanceConde Nast Daily Traveler
Hawaiian consistently finishes at or near the top of the on time charts, but this is really a tale of two airlines. The overwater operation isn’t so great.

In the Trenches: Working From Home with a ChildIntuit Small Business Blog
Turns out that working from home with a child is a challenge. Who knew? Hah.

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Hey Brett,

Are you not writing for CNN anymore? Haven’t seen any updates in a couple of weeks. If not, why did that column get bagged so fast?

Jason H

Brett –

Is there anyway on the Hawaiian on-time issues if there is a difference on the A330 versus B767 routes? I know that one of your past articles (or comments by someone) focused on the relative age of the 767s. Just wondering if the A330s were showing a similar delay percentage; thereby pointing to non-aircraft issues with Hawaiian’s mainland/international operations.

David SF eastbay

I’ve never thought Hawaiian being at the top of the on time list was anything to care about for the reasons you give. They are not a ‘real’ airline flying in all kinds of weather or congested air space. Maybe they need to group airlines by the number of flights for on time stats, that seems more logical.

Compare UA/CO/AA/DL/US together and so on, that would give a better picture of who really does better.


What percentage of Hawaii’s operations are inter-island/over-water?