Cranky Concierge Rolls Out New One Way Pricing

I thought I’d take this normally post-less Wednesday to let you know that we’ve rolled out new pricing on Cranky Concierge. Now, instead of pricing per trip, we have pricing per direction. If you’re traveling one way, this will save you money. But for the rest of you it’s likely to mean at least a slight increase. Hopefully you understand why we’re doing this.

You can see the new pricing spelled out at I also put together an FAQ here.Cranky Concierge Logo

In short, Flight Monitoring (formerly called Assistance) is $15 each way within the US/Canada, within the European Union, and within any single country. Global coverage is $30 each way. For an extra flat $30 on top of that, you can get help with Flight Planning as well. Need Urgent Assistance? It’s now a flat $150.

If you’ve used us to find award availability in the past, you know we’ve had great success helping people use their miles. That, however, is a very time-consuming process for us. For that reason, we’re introducing a new Frequent Flier Award Redemption service that costs $90 on top of Flight Monitoring. This is a big increase, but hopefully you’ll see the value that we provide.

There are a couple other changes. For example, if you end up buying a ticket in a premium cabin through us, we’ll refund our fee. We’re also instituting a $30 change fee for bookings that you have us change. In short, we’re trying to better match the time and effort we put in with the price we charge.

Lastly, you can still purchase Cranky Credits for a discount. Each credit is worth $15 and you can now buy in packs up 10, 20, or 35 with up to a 15% discount.

As always, feedback is welcome. If you have any questions, email us at or call (888) 747-1011 within the US or +1 707 797 7474 elsewhere.

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