Topic of the Week: Another Unpronounceable Icelandic Volcano

The latest volcano eruption in Iceland has caused some cancellations but they’ve been minor. The Europeans have finally created a system to better deal with ash and that should make things run smoothly. Hopefully. Anyone been stuck? Any thoughts on the new procedures?

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4 Comments on "Topic of the Week: Another Unpronounceable Icelandic Volcano"

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David SF eastbay

They should make giant fans and aim them up to push the ash cloud to a higher level then planes fly…


Due to be flying from London to IAD in the morning so really do hope it does run smoothly. Having a system to deal with this is a huge improvement on not having one at all, which is where we were last year.


… and of course here comes the EU, making all the european airlines pay for the delays associated with it.


I think Europe is taking right measures to deal with this crisis situation. Check my blog post: