Follow Me on Twitter for US Airways Media Day Updates

Today is US Airways media day and I will be there. I understand there is going to be at least one announcement with good news that travelers will want to hear so if you would like to follow along, follow me on Twitter @crankyflier.

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  1. Have fun! Oh yeah, if you have a few drinks with Doug Parker afterwards, make sure to put him in a cab!

  2. By far the most interesting tweet is this one:!/crankyflier/status/55677413903974400

    Regarding 737-300 safety inspections and how USAirways has been doing them since 2003.

  3. Greg says:

    and for those of us that only FB, not tweet???

    • Learn how to follow a link. Facebook is a great social media platform for communicating with those you personally know, its not that hot for one-to-many publishing/communications.

    • To clarify, you don’t need to signup to use twitter for reading only..

    • Frank says:

      found some interesting comments on Facebook:

      Quoted from Facebook:
      The Media Day Picket and Mixer in Tempe =HUGE SUCCESS. Flight attendants stormed the perimeter of the courtyard where management eats their lunch, shouting, chanting, and demanding a good contract. We were asked to leave, cops were called, and we told them we were on a side street, which we thought was public property. The executives were going to have lunch in the courtyard but stayed inside to avoid us. We humiliated them!!!

      • CF says:

        I have no idea what these guys are talking about. I never saw any picketers, so if they were in the courtyard (where very few people eat lunch at all), then they didn’t have the impact they think they had. But hey, if it makes them feel better . . . ok.

  4. Lots of interesting stuff.
    “one big issue with flight attendants – east is scheduled with pilots while west is independent of pilots – company wants west” For those of us who don’t know the minutia of airline scheduling and bidding what does this mean? Do the flight attendants and pilots fly the same lines together in the east but not in the west?

    “Doug says “we’re a hub and spoke carrier, we’re never gonna be a low cost carrier” (don’t tell the LCC ticker symbol that) ” Heh, I remember they were tooting their horn about being a low cost carrier right when they merged. Guess they changed their minds on that..

    • CF says:

      Yeah, hard to get that into a single tweet, I suppose. The way they explained it, the East pilots and flight attendants are scheduled to fly together. The West pilots don’t necessarily. The latter makes more sense because flight attendants and pilots have different rules so if they’re being scheduled together, then productivity isn’t being maximized.

  5. Tim says:

    Thanks for the tweets! It was interesting and a good use of social media.

  6. I wonder how many people missed this post since it was made on Wednesday a day regular followers know there will be no post.

    I only saw it now when looking for the AA/Expedia post to add another comment there.

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