Cranky on the Web (March 14 – 18)

Fuel ‘surcharge’ a fare increase with a fancy Out of the Office
This week, it’s time to talk about fuel prices. They’re going higher and so are fares, but the two aren’t completely related.

In the Trenches: The Good and the Bad of PaypalIntuit Small Business Blog
I’ve been using Paypal since the beginning for Cranky Concierge, but there is some good and some bad in that.

Approaching Gloom: Airlines Slow Growth, Fill Fewer Seats in FebruaryBNET Headwinds
Things started to slow down in February and some airlines couldn’t even fill the seats they offered.

O’Hare, Airlines Both Win as Feds Waste Money on an Expensive Expansion ProjectBNET Headwinds
O’Hare’s expansion is moving ahead thanks to another infusion of federal funds.

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