Cranky on the Web (March 15-19)

San Francisco Targets LAX In Fight for Connecting TravelersBNET
SFO wants Aussies and Kiwis to connect there instead of LAX. Hilarity ensues.

Real Estate Developer Rick Caruso Eyes Expansion Into AirportsBNET
The man behind The Grove development in LA is now eyeing airports to improve shops and dining.

using miles for wedding
If you’re having your wedding, it’s a great time to try and use miles.

FAA Slaps American with $787,500 Fine For Lax MaintenanceBNET
The FAA is trying to step things up when it comes to enforcement. That latest is an American fine.

Pittsburgh’s European Connection Will Cost the City $5 MillionBNET
Pittsburgh is paying through the nose to keep Delta’s struggling flight to Paris at the airport.

The Cranky Flier: Booking Beyond PriceSparksheet
I guest posted on the Sparksheet about the difficulty of encouraging people to book beyond price. (Hint: distribution makes life hard)

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