TSA Liquid Ban On Its Way Out

How did I miss this news earlier this month? I suppose it did coincide with my wedding, but still . . . . There is now hope that the liquid ban will disappear in the not-too-distant future.

Kip Hawley, head of the TSA, said that he expects the liquid ban to be lifted by next year at this time. Hello? Are you ok? Don’t forget to breathe. Ok, try to compose yourself after hearing such shocking news, and let’s talk more about it.

To be precise, Mr Hawley said, “I think realistically in one year we, the TSA and foreign colleagues, will be [in] a position to relax liquids restrictions.” Why? Apparently, the technology for liquid detection is getting better. They are rolling out the x-ray machines they need to make this happen as we speak, and now all they have to do is make sure the software works.

Is anyone else concerned that we’re throwing a bunch of expensive machines out there before we know if they’ll work? Hmm, let’s just forget about that and focus on the positive. The liquid ban might actually be gone soon. Let’s talk again in a year and see if this actually happens. In fact, let’s throw a poll out there right now.

Will the TSA liquid ban actually be lifted by October 20, 2009?

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[Edited 10/29 @ 952p to remove extra “my” and add “will disappear” in first paragraph]

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