Alitalia’s Not Quite Dead Yet, But It’s Close

I’m sure I’ll get another comment saying that I’m obsessed with Alitalia, and you know what? It’s true. This is far more entertaining than any soap opera, but there is important information to be had here. Do NOT book any flights on this airline.

As predicted, the unions couldn’t quite figure out that without a reduction in force, they’ll all be jobless, so they marched forward in protest. This is actually a photo from a union rally with what I’d like to think was going through their heads at the time.

Alitalia Striking Workers

Will this really be the end? Of course not. Sure they may shut down the airline, but they’ll just resurrect it again without all that debt and without those insane union members who have sealed their fates through their stubborn behavior. They’ll probably give it a fancy new name, just like in Greece where Olympic is being shut down. But don’t worry. They’ll still have all the same underlying problems to keep us entertained.
[Original Photo: Alessandro Bianchi/Reuters]

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