Open Skies Concierge

Open Skies, the new airline from BA, is getting ready to launch flights between New York and Paris in the next couple of weeks, and we’re slowly learning more about their service. In last week’s blog post, Dale Moss, head honcho, announced that the airline will have a concierge service for those who fly with the airline.

Unlike Air New Zealand, this won’t be an onboard concierge. No, this will be a service on the ground to help you plan your trip. Dale has apparently gone and hired as many people with fancy pants names like Aurore, Chantal, and Stellan as he could find to do the job. I’m actually a little surprised to see they’ve hired 10 people to do this – that seems to be way more than enough for such a small airline.

So how does this make sense for the airline? Well, it’s a differentiator. It provides a great resource for people – almost like having a travel agent at your beck and call, and that’s a nice benefit. Depending upon how Open Skies handles it, the airline should benefit monetarily as well. If they book you a room, they should be able to get a commission of some sort. If it can pay for itself, then it’s a no-brainer.

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