Virgin America Schedules

VX235 SFO 7a JFK 335p 8/19 (changes to 330p)
VX231 SFO 855a JFK 530p 8/8 (changes to 525p)
VX223 SFO 135p JFK 1010p 9/9
VX239 SFO 910p JFK 545a 8/8 (changes to 1055p to 725a)

VX238 JFK 7a SFO 1020a 8/8 (changes to 1030a)
VX224 JFK 9a SFO 1220p 9/9
VX230 JFK 430p SFO 810p 8/19 (changes to 8p)
VX234 JFK 635p SFO 1015p 8/8 (changes to 1020p)

VX837 SFO 630a LAX 755a all start 8/8
VX843 SFO 1145a LAX 110p
VX847 SFO 150p LAX 315p
VX851 SFO 415p LAX 540p
VX839 SFO 615p LAX 740p

VX834 LAX 630a SFO 750a all start 8/8
VX846 LAX 1140a SFO 1p
VX836 LAX 155p SFO 315p
VX852 LAX 4p SFO 520p
VX832 LAX 625p SFO 745p

VX311 JFK 730a LAX 1045a 8/29
VX313 JFK 455p LAX 810p 9/16
VX317 JFK 705p LAX 1035p 8/29

VX316 LAX 7a JFK 325p 9/16
VX318 LAX 910a JFK 535p 8/29
VX312 LAX 915p JFK 540a 8/29

VX467 SFO 230p IAD 1040p all start 9/26
VX469 SFO 925p IAD 530a

VX466 IAD 1015a SFO 1p all start 9/26
VX464 IAD 835p SFO 1120p

VX765 SFO 7a LAS 830a all start 10/10
VX773 SFO 12n LAS 130p
VX775 SFO 430p LAS 6p

VX774 LAS 915a SFO 1045a all start 10/10
VX764 LAS 215p SFO 345p
VX776 LAS 645p SFO 815p

VX602 LAX 1035a IAD 625p all start 10/24
VX606 LAX 1025p IAD 615a

VX607 IAD 7a LAX 940a all start 10/24
VX605 IAD 835p LAX 1115p

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