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USA Today

Virgin America lifts off in rough weather

Dan Reed and Ben Mutzabaugh – August 8, 2007

Brett Snyder, a former airline marketing executive who writes The Cranky Flier blog, says Virgin America’s transcontinental route provides it a large market to grow but that “keeping their operation running on time will be a challenge, because those markets are choke points.”

USA Today

Virgin America takes off

Dan Reed – August 7, 2007

“There’s a lot of mystique in the Virgin brand,” says Brett Snyder, a former airline marketing executive who writes The Cranky Flier blog. “That will help (Virgin America) bring in a lot of customers the first time to try it out.”


What You Need to Know About Summer Airline Flights

July 2007

As soon as you find out that your flight has been canceled or you’ll miss a connecting flight, call reservations rather than stand in line. “A lot of people on your flight will have the same problem, but you’re going to beat them to the punch,” says Brett Snyder, a former airline employee who now pens the Cranky Flier blog. Most frequent fliers who qualify for preferred status have a dedicated number to reach the airline.

Another tip from Snyder: “Be nice. If you scream at someone, they’re not going to go out of their way to get you where you need to go.”

Associated Press

Air-travel etiquette: How to avoid hassles

Beth J. Harpaz – June 21, 2007

“When you go through security, treat it like you’ve been pulled over for speeding,” advised Brett Snyder, who writes an online column about air travel at “Be polite, answer any reasonable questions, and just keep thinking about being done with it so you can move on with your life.”

Wall Street Journal

Avoiding Missed Connections

Alexander Eule – March 27, 2007

Brett Snyder, who directs’s travel site, says flyers, in winter months, should try to connect through airports in warmer areas of the country. “Go through Phoenix or Houston,” he suggests, “where you probably have a better shot than if you’re trying to go through O’Hare.”

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