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We know you find the information in Cranky Network Weekly useful, and now we’re making it easier than ever for your airport to subscribe while also gaining access to the exclusive Cranky Network Awards in February at half price.

Last year’s Cranky Network Awards were virtual — you can watch them here, and we’d highly recommend zooming ahead to see Spirit’s John Kirby accept the Best New Destination award — but next year it will be in person at the University Club in Pasadena, California on the evening of February 24.

Spend quality time with network planning execs from airlines in the US and Canada, first at the cocktail hour and second at the awards dinner itself, all in one action-packed evening.

We are not yet selling tickets to the public for the awards, and it’s possible we never will if our invited guests fill up the room first. If we do sell some publicly, we are planning a $500 ticket price, but if you subscribe to CNW now for the heavily discounted airport rate of $1,500, we’ll let you purchase up to 2 tickets to the awards for only $250 each.

If you’re ready, and you should be, there are two ways to get signed up:

  1. Email us at and we can send you an invoice for payment. Just let us know if you want one ticket or two for the awards.
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We look forward to seeing you there and providing you with weekly insights you won’t find elsewhere!

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