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Well done, sirs! Really liking the Cranky Network Weekly news. This is something that I pull on a weekly basis and you guys are always on point. Kudos!

-Director of Network Planning for a Major US Airline

Others analyze network changes, but not like this

  • Concise Cut through the noise and get only the broader strategic trends that make an impact in the long term
  • Context Don’t just see the changes; get context on why they matter from experts who have worked on the commercial side of the industry
  • Competition Stay two steps ahead with looks at competitive dynamics stretching into the future
  • Timely Weekly schedule changes are released Friday night; you’ll have this report before the weekend ends
  • Priceless Or not quite, but it’s worth its weight in gold to receive weekly, actionable insight you won’t find anywhere else

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This Week’s Trends

  • Frontier Exits Newark
  • American Shifts the Boston Shuttle to JetBlue
  • Delta Wakes Up, Takes on ULCCs
  • American Continues a Phoenix Pullback
  • China Service to Remain on Ice for Months

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