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Tripbase Awards BadgeBest Flight Blog 2011
The panel hunted high and low for the best blogs about every aspect of air travel in order to bring you the final Tripbase flight award winner’s list. We’ve got blogs about planes, blogs about airports and blogs about duty free shopping, so if you’re planning on flying anywhere then you’d be wise to browse these blogs first. . .

You’ll find an inclusive list of the best flight bloggers, offering insight into the world of traveling by plane. Not surprisingly, the best blogs include entertaining adventures to exotic places, informative maps of flight travels and destinations, and detailed photo journals and diaries to show beautiful journeys and travels.

Flightglobal Webbies Blog of the Year2010 Blog of the Year
A panel of independent expert judges from the industry and key figures in digital development at Reed Business Information will be looking for established industry leaders and enthusiastic newcomers, and everyone in between, to enter the Webbies as well as encouraging them to nominate their own favourites in the six categories.All categories are open to any aviation or aerospace company or individual who can demonstrate excellence and success within their own digital strategy.

IgoUgo Best Travel Sites on the WebIgoUgo Best Travel Sites on the Web
Honest reviews of the modern airline industry

Tripbase Best Flight BlogTripbase Best Flight Blog 2009
This award is only bestowed to those that best surmise the real joy behind flying and flight-associated travel, and to those that fully understand what it means to be a flight blogger. The award is a symbol of the writer’s depth of skill when it comes to the personal maintenance of their respective blogs, both in terms of generating content and in reader interaction.

Flight bloggers were also marked highly for skilful use of not only language when conveying their tales and adventures through their blog, but also use of accompanying media. It’s very easy to describe how a journey went, but to back that up with pictures, video and even maps reinforces the points that the bloggers are trying to get across, thus making for a very strong blog on the whole.

Viralogy Best Travel BlogsThe Top 10 Travel Blogs To Help You Travel The World
If you want to know all their is about airlines, airports and air travel, The Cranky Flier is where you should start first. The Cranky Flier offers its readers some great analysis on airlines as well as airport travel.

TimesOnline Best Travel Websites 2009100 Best Travel Websites 2009
Best Business Travel Blogs

Brett Snyder is a former airline employee who went into online travel before ending up running this blog about everything to do with airlines and airports. You get pictures of the free peanuts on the filghts he has taken and lots of good old-fashioned rants about poor service and ineptitude.

Snyder says he started “after friends convinced him that he had so much random airline knowledge in his head that someone would actually find it interesting if he wrote it down”.

2008 WebbiesSilver – Webbies 2008: Best Aviation-related Blog

Who’s this category for?

Bloggers who blog about one or more aspects of the industry

Criteria: the Best Aviation-related Blog is awarded to the blog that was best able to demonstrate success in entering the discussions that happen in the blogosphere, had a strong track record in the use of all multimedia tools at their disposal and clear evidence of interaction with the blog’s readership and community.

Judges liked: leveraged wealth of airline knowledge against a health dose of blogger snark creating an eminently enjoyable and informative read, while simultaneously becoming a key travel industry opinion leader. Lively, informative and just good fun.

Weblog AwardsRunner-up – Best Travel Blog
2008 Weblog Awards

“The Weblog Awards are the world’s largest blog competition with over 545,000 votes cast in 2007 edition and nearly two million votes cast in all editions since 2003.”


The World’s Best Travel Blogs
Best for Practical Advice
Telegraph (UK)

“A hugely popular consumer blog written by Brett Snyder, a self-confessed “airline dork”. Posts include tips on how to survive Healthrow’s Terminal 5.”

Observer#29 – The World’s 50 Most Powerful Blogs
The Observer (UK)

“There’s nowhere to hide for airlines these days. Not with self-confessed ‘airline dork’ Brett Snyder, aka Cranky Flier, keeping tabs on their progress. He’s moved on from spending his childhood birthdays in airport hotels, face pressed against the window watching the planes come in, and turned his attention to reporting on the state of airlines. His CV is crammed with various US airline jobs, which gives him the insider knowledge to cast his expert eye over everything from the recent 777 emergency landing at Heathrow to spiralling baggage handling costs and the distribution of air miles to ‘virtual assistants’.”

Performancing2007 Reader’s Choice – Best Travel Blog

“If there are travel pundits, The Cranky Flier is one of the best. With snarky, critical and sometimes humorous comments about the airline and travel industries, The Cranky Flier is a crowd pleaser.”

Travvies2007 Travvies – Best Single Author Blog
Best Informative/Practical Travel Blog

“Self-described airline dork Brett Snyder serves up commentary on the aviation industry with insight, humor, and a penchant for Photoshopped stock imagery. If it’s about air travel, he’s likely to have an opinion, though in reality it’s not always as curmudgeonly as his blog title implies.”

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