So many places to advertise, so little budget. Why should you advertise here?

Advertise with Cranky

You’ll reach the right audience
Ok, so I really can’t make that claim until I know what you’re trying to sell. Instead, I’ll just tell you the audience that you will reach.

  • These are people who love to travel often
  • 80% of visitors are from the US (UK and Canada have 5% each)
  • Attracts a mix of frequent travelers, novice fliers, and industry employees

You’ll definitely stand out

There are plenty of sites out there that will put up a million ads and hope people click on some of them. I’m not like that. I will only put up a couple of ads on the site at any given time. If you advertise here, my 200,000+ monthly page views will notice.

It won’t cost a ton

Have a set budget? Let me make this easy for you. There’s no CPM pricing here. All advertising comes at a flat monthly rate. Here are my current rates:

Noted as “Official Site Sponsor”
Graphics or text in 120px by 60px (IAB standard Button #2) on right side of header (expandable to non-standard 250 px by 75px if you prefer)
300px by 250px (IAB standard Medium Rectangle) at top of sidebar
Allowed to write one guest post per month (must be unique content, only for sponsorship duration of one month or greater)
Price: Email for more information
160px by 600px skyscraper in right sidebar
Price: $600 per month
Featured Advertiser (Text Ad)
30 character (2 line) company name in right sidebar on homepage
Company name linked to company website
Listed as “Featured Advertiser” in title
Only three spots available
Price: $150 per month
Directory Placement (
30 character name (linked to company website)
150 character site description
Price: $25 per year

If you’d like to advertise in the directory, send the name of your site (max 30 characters), the URL you want linked (only the site name or url will be permitted as anchor text), and a site description (max 150 characters) to and pay $25 for one year using this link:

To arrange other types of advertising or for further information, email

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