Mark Your Calendars for the Crankyspotting Dorkfest on September 13

The time has come once again for the annual Crankyspotting Dorkfest at LAX. Mark your calendars for September 13.

For those who don’t know how this works, it’s pretty simple. This Crankyspottingisn’t a fancy event. Come to the In ‘n Out by LAX (easily reached via the free Parking Spot shuttle from the airport), have a burger, watch airplanes, and talk shop. That’s it. It’s always a ton of fun to just hang out in the sun and watch airplanes fly over our heads.

I usually say I’ll be there from 11a to 1p but I may extend it this year. Saudia’s new 777 service arrives at 10a, and the Etihad 777 gets in at 2p. Heck, stay until 530p and you’ll see a Norwegian 787. There’s some good spotting to be done.

So for now, mark your calendars. I’ll have more details later.

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11 Comments on "Mark Your Calendars for the Crankyspotting Dorkfest on September 13"

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James Burke

I have wanted to go the last two years. Maybe this will be James’ time to crankyspot!

David SF eastbay

I saw the Norwegian 787 into Oakland the other night. It arrives 5:15p but was late so I saw it about 5:40p as it comes over my area to turn and line up to land at OAK. I really don’t care for that solid red paint covering the front section of the airplane and the white the rest of the way. Makes it look like they attached the front of one airplane to the back of another to make one jet.

Nick Barnard

Woot! Sadly I won’t be there, but this is the info I needed for our own little spotting adventure at LAX on Monday!

Just a quick note for those who will be flying out of the Brand New Just opened mid June Queens Terminal 2 at Heathrow Airport. 7 airlines there now 20 more within next 60 days… Nice terminal but, be prepared for long long walks… State of the Art Security.. Latest check in Technology ( still has some bugs) Make sure you do ALL shopping and restaurant eating before taking the 15 to 20 minute LONG walk out to the gates…. You have to walk under the runway to get to where the planes are parked.. For those Flying United and… Read more »
“…. the 15 to 20 minute LONG walk out to the gates….You have to walk under the runway to get to where the planes are parked..” Just to be clear, you do NOT walk under the runway. You walk underneath the aircraft taxiway serving the main terminal and satellite. It’s like at going between the B and C concourses at ORD, or between the T gates and A concourse at ATL (without the train). “Terminal 2 is very close to Terminal 4 and 5″ T2 is next to T1 and T3 on the central terminal area. It’s nowhere near T4… Read more »

Who are we kidding, huh? None of you porkers are making the 20 minute walk! Even with a bag of cheeseburgers waiting at the end!

KY FlyGuy

Not to worry. I can stash a coke in my pocket to stay hydrated and my Dr. scholls enjoy long strolls.

Doug Swalen

Ah nuts. Will still be on Bali. Flying back on the 14th EVA DEN-TPE-SFO.


Looking forward to it.

Charles McCool

Excellent concept.


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