Topic of the Week: A340s with Narrow Seats

Airbus is trying to breathe some life into the A340 program. While airplanes aren’t being made anymore, Airbus is scrambling to keep values of used airplanes up because it’s on the hook if the values fall too low. And that means finding a way to reduce costs to a competitive level. Part of this apparently involves Airbus going to certify the aircraft for more people onboard. One of those configurations would be 9 abreast with extremely tight seat width. This is meant for low cost carriers/charters, but doesn’t it still go against Airbus’s proposed 18 inch minimum width? The manufacturer says that only applies to “full service long haul” carriers and not low cost carriers/charters.

What do you think? Good plan? Will anyone differentiate between the different types of carriers when it comes to seat width? Does it matter?

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