Topic of the Week: Hawaiian Airlines Steps Up Its Hawaiian-ness

Hawaiian announced it was going to put some more Hawaiian in its service this week with what’s being called Mea Ho’okipa Service. You can read through what’s changing, but I was particularly caught by the Ho’okipa Desk, where passengers can pre-order meals and entertainment options in the departure lounge. (This is everywhere in North America except at JFK where JetBlue handles the airline.) What do you think? Will this help Hawaiian grow its business?

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13 Comments on "Topic of the Week: Hawaiian Airlines Steps Up Its Hawaiian-ness"

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Sanjeev M

Well the more opportunities to sell, the better for them. As long as its not constantly announced to customers every second, this should be good. Sales frequently are due to last minute decisions, and any chance to cater to that is well-earned money for the airline. I like it.

I’m also glad that they offer a free meal anyway for the long-haul NYC-HNL, unlike that other airline that makes “changes we might like”.

John W

sounds good to me; I always order their premium food choice inflight but sometimes they run out of my choice – this is much easier and probably reduces the amount of time the flight attendants spend processing credit card transactions during the service. The meals are already quite good, so an improvement in quality is a ‘nice to have’. Sure beats flying on AA

b buc

A direct response to Alaska Air

David SF eastbay

I’ve never been a fan of Hawaiian so to me it doesn’t matter what they do. In true island form give it a native name to they can laugh at people trying to say Mea Ho?okipa……lol


I think it’s a great idea, Austrian airlines started something similar in Vienna airport, where pax can pre order a premium meal up to one hour before the flight. It’s pretty innovative, and helps with the bottom line. Good on em for trying!


EVA used to have something like that several years ago. You could pre-order your meals, in J class at least, via the internet up to something like the day before your flight (I don’t think you could book at the airport, though). Don’t know if it’s still around, though.

David M
I hope it’s an improvement. I flew Hawaiian’s west coast service a few months back after flying United to the islands the last few years due to price, and the product has gone downhill. The complimentary hot meal isn’t what it used to be, just entree and dessert, no salad or roll. The food itself was kinda strange, the chef they have now is well known with his own restaurant at Aloha Tower, but my family hasn’t been impressed with his restaurant either. Their previous chef (going back to the DC-10 days) was less of a local celebrity, but does… Read more »

No. I think they need to improve comfort. Wider seats & more leg room/foot rests.


OK… But give it a gringo name


Gonna send my parents’ on them first class from JFK to Hawaii for a surprise. I hope they do them good.


Hawaiian Airlines is my and my wife’s favorite airlines, as we have found their selection of planes (with two-on-a-side seating plus middle section), congeniality and thoughtfulness of attendants, and the availability of flights from three SF Bay Area airports the most appreciated aspects. The fact that they waved change fees when a last-minute surgery prevented me from flying is another reason.


In a world of cookie cutter airlines, one that stands out is nice to see.


Hawaiian has had slow but well planned and steady growth. It is unlike other U.S. based airlines. And they have more plans in the years ahead