Cranky on the Web (May 23 – 27)

The elusive hunt for legroom on planesCNN Out of the Office
This week, I take a look at legroom on airplanes and why seat pitch is a crappy measure.

In the Trenches: Planning for TurnoverIntuit Small Business Blog
I’m sadly losing one of my concierges in a couple weeks, and this time I’m far better prepared.

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This is also an issue for those who are heavier than average as well. Compression can impact two ways. Pity the taller and heavier than average person. One good thing is that now people are able to purchase seats with more legroom at a reasonable price. I know that tall people sometimes cry ‘unfair’, however, it costs the airlines more to have more legroom, and if it comes down to price, ‘fair’ comes second place to economics. I suppose too that the airlines could argue that it is ‘unfair’ to make shorter people pay extra so that taller people can… Read more »