Lufthansa’s Beer Garden Should Inspire Others

Let’s say you’re flying on a German airline and you’re riding in style up in business class. What would you like to see in the lounge before you go? That’s right, a German beer garden. And now you can. Lufthansa has installed a beer garden in its newly-refurbished Munich lounge, and I love it. They should roll this out to every lounge in the system.

Lufthansa Beer Garden

When you’re flying Lufthansa, you’re expecting a German experience. I realize that beer halls are more of a Bavarian thing, so it makes sense it’s in Munich, but I’d like to see that kind of character in lounges all over. I want my airline’s personality to come out from my first interaction, and this certainly does that for Lufthansa.

It got me thinking, what should other airlines be doing with their lounges? Here are some thoughts on lounge design for just a few airlines out there.

  • Aeroflot – vodka bar (preferably no flying pilots allowed)
  • Air Canada – an igloo with Molson and hockey
  • Air New Zealand – sheep farm
  • Delta – huge veranda with mint juleps
  • Emirates – made of solid gold
  • Hawaiian – a lanai
  • KLM – four words: red light district, pot
  • Spirit – a cardboard box (extra fee for roof)
  • TAM – Carnaval!
  • Thai – I probably shouldn’t say this one out loud

Gimme some more in the comment section. I know you guys have ’em lined up.

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