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Lots of changes here this week. First, I started writing a twice monthly piece for and Destination I Do magazine. Not a likely partnership? Maybe, but one thing I know quite well is that travel is a huge part of weddings, and that’s where I’ll be focusing. My first two posts are up:

cranky concierge takes to the sky
let’s get cranky

Of course, we had the big Cranky Concierge launch this week as well and that received a ton of good coverage:

Budget Travel
FlightWisdom Podcast
Johnny Jet Website of the Week
Random Notes from a P.R. Guy
Upgrade:Travel Better
uptake Travel Industry
Via Her

And yes, there’s the usual weekly links as well. A busy one, indeed.

This Week is Small Community Air Service Development Week 2009BNET
It’s time once again to review the most interesting bids from airports for funds in the SCASDP 2009. This is the kick off post.

Building Ground Service Operations to Attract New Airlines (SCASDP Week)BNET
Bemidji and Corpus Christi may not have much in common, but they do have an interesting proposal for how they would use federal funds to grow service.

United Offers One-Year Pass for Checked Bags for $249Bloomberg
We talk about United’s interesting new bag fee subscription product.

The Sad Tale of the Manu’a Islands in American Samoa (SCASDP Week)BNET
They don’t want much money, but it can really make a big difference.

Maine Islands Fight for a Bigger Airplane to Solve Their Troubles (SCASDP Week)BNET
On the other side of the empire, the little Knox County islands need some help to maintain decent service.

New York Airports Want Air Service Funds for a Bus and a Website (SCASDP Week)BNET
They couldn’t all be good. There were a couple wacky proposals from upstate New York this year.

North Carolina Looks to On-Demand Air Taxis For Growth (SCASDP Week)BNET
I’ll give points for creativity on this one – these airports don’t want commercial service but rather something different and more appropriate.

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I have to say that the proposal from the Ithaca airport is actually quite intriguing. I fly in/out Ithaca regularly as an alternative to Syracuse and the delays there always seem to be horrible, especially when flying CO through EWR. The last three times I have flown CO through EWR in fact, the flight to Ithaca has been delayed (2) or cancelled (1), so I got switched to a flight to Syracuse. Recently, Sen. Chuck Schumer had to intervene when CO abruptly canceled service to ITH. According to CO, it was because EWR was overcrowded and the delays were affecting… Read more »