The EMD Safety Bracelet

Here’s an invention you can file under “really bad idea that should never see the light of day.” Yes, it’s the EMD Safety Bracelet. What does EMD stand for? Electro-Muscular Disruption. Oh yeah. This nasty little device will give flight crews the ability to physically disable you with the touch of a button.

Check out this video touting the not-so-fantastic benefits of this terrible product.

Click here if you can’t see the video.

I think this is my favorite part.

To a businessman on his way home to be reunited with his family or to a young family going south for a winter holiday, wearing an EMD safety bracelet for a few hours during a flight is a small inconvenience to ensure their safe arrival. We feel if given the choice between taking a flight employing the added security provided by the EMD safety bracelet system and taking a flight without the additional security, many if not most passengers would happily opt for the extra security of the EMD safety bracelet.

This is just too much. So they’re suggesting that a passenger would gladly give up their ability to control their movements to a grumpy flight crew? I think not. What if the flight attendant had a bad day and didn’t like the way you asked for a drink? Eh, just shock the passenger into submission. Yeah yeah, I’m sure that there are all kinds of safety precautions, but I’m not buying it. If you like it, head on over to learn more about the system for yourself.

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