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LATAM Takes a Risky Leap Into Delta’s Arms

There has been a lot of discussion about what a great coup it has been for Delta to snatch LATAM away from American, but from LATAM’s perspective, things aren’t quite as positive. For LATAM, this is a monumental change that will not only see the airline leave American for Delta, …

A Walk Through LAN’s New 787 Cabin

Last week, LAN brought its 787 to LAX for the first time on the scheduled run down to Santiago. (Lima gets the 787 later this year.) I was able to hop on board while on the ground to see what all the fuss is about. You know what? LAN did …

How Will NextGen Improve Your Life?

We’ve all heard about “NextGen” air traffic control, but besides the generic guarantee of shorter delays, do we really know what it will do for us? Sometimes the benefits to the traveler aren’t really all that clear, and that’s probably because the actual definition is more of a nebulous catch-all

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