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Pre Flight Goes Avant Gardeapex experience
The Airline Passenger Experience Association magazine has been revamped, and I’m back writing for it again. This month, I took on the topic of safety videos. (Think Air New Zealand.)

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  1. In the topic about safety videos, 4 years ago the Brazilian airline TAM made a thematic safety video inspired by the late 70’s/early 80’s which was around the time the airline was founded (1976).
    This safety video, besides being very well produced and original for it’s time (and I think much better than Delta’s 80’s) was part of a bigger celebration that included the painting of 2 of it’s airplanes with the previous liveries and even special uniforms for the flights operated in those airplanes.
    Please look this video:

    And the website released then (and still available today) explaining the foundations celebrations:

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