3 Links I Love: The Reason Air Asia Crashed, Delta Defends New York Slots, CEO of the Year

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Circuit-board solder crack cited in Indonesia AirAsia crash probeATW
They say it’s never just one thing that leads to an aircraft accident, and this is a textbook example. Remember when the Air Asia flight went down in stormy skies? People just assumed it was bad weather that brought the airplane down. Not so much.

It turns out a crack caused a fault in the rudder limiting system. Did that bring the airplane down? No. But it distracted the crew long enough that they kept trying to reset things. And at one point, the efforts to fix the problem let to the auto-pilot being shut off. The first officer was flying the airplane while the captain tried to fix the problem. Apparently the captain said to “pull down” which led the first officer to actually pull down on the joystick. That made the airplane climb, not what should have been going on. One thing led to another and the flight was doomed.

So we had maintenance problems that led to a distracted flight crew. We had CRM problems since the captain and first officer couldn’t effectively communicate. I’m guessing there are training and standards issues here too. And the weather? Well that appears to have a minor player if that.

Links I Love

Two for the road:
Delta to Rivals: Stop Whining, We Spent Years Acquiring Our N.Y. SlotsTheStreet.com
Delta is apparently hitting back at new entrant carriers who want access to New York. According to Delta, these carriers just need to suck it up and act like Delta has over the years – be patient and take opportunities as they come.

CEO of the Year: Doug ParkerD Magazine
Apparently CEOs in Dallas have decided that American CEO Doug Parker did the best job this year.

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