Crankyspotting at DFW on January 19 at 10am

I’m going to be in the Metroplex soon, and that means it’s time for a little Crankyspotting while I’m in town. With all the Southwest and American folks around, I figure we should be able to get a nice turnout. CrankyspottingSo here are the details. Hope to see you all there.

Date: Saturday, January 19
Time: 10am to noon
Location: Founders Plaza on the northwest side of DFW (map)

As an added bonus, we’ll have a couple of Cranky Concierges there as well. So if you’re a client, come on down and say hello. There will be plenty of bare metal airplanes to stare at. (Sorry, Southwest people, but maybe next time we’ll do Love Field.)

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Too bad, already have plans on the 19th…and I am in Texas next week, but alas, not the 19th. Here’s to Crankyspotting at more airports around the US. Sooner or later it’ll work out for me.


I’ll be road tripping myself the 19th. But a trip to DFW must now include a stop to a Metroplex In-N-Out to be a comprehensive review. :)

Brian Lusk

I think the closest In-N-Out to DFW is the one on MacArthur in Irving.

Derek Pugh

Looking forward to it!!!


With any luck, you’ll have something other than bare metal planes to look at. Maybe a freshly painted, new-liveried 777-300!


I’m flying through DFW that day, though unfortunately I doubt I’ll have the time to leave the terminal to join the group. Happy spotting and I’ll be sure to wave!


I was tempted to take a trip out to DFW for this…but I’m going to be in Singapore on that day! :) However, enjoy!


Spotting at DAL would be a bit dull. Look, another WN 737!


Yeah…but a lot of the time at DFW it is “Look, another AA MD-80”. It is getting better though, thank you Qantas and Emirates.


Thanks for pointing out this plane-spotting area. I look forward to checking it out the next time I’m at DFW.

John G

I live in DFW, but I’ll be flying back that day and won’t be back til around 2 PM, so I can’t make it.

The Founders Plaza is a pretty good place to observe the planes. It’s on the west side, and close to the arrivals runway on that side. It seems most of the cargo planes (most of the 747s that operate at DFW), and much of the international traffic.

One suggestion – come up with a backup plan, in case it is too cold to go out there. It could be 65 degrees…or 20.


Seems like I’ve lost the exclusive on having CrankySpotting next door…


Cool! The planespotting is not as great as the In-N-Out on Sepulveda but it’s not bad. See y’all next weekend!


John G

The Hyatt is the best option, if you can score a conference room.

I’m also a weather geek (shocker). The long-range forecast model for that day shows no precip, a high of 49 and a low of 32. If (when) that changes, I’ll let you guys know.

John G

We get more snow and ice than a lot of people think. This was Christmas Day at my house.

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But that said, so far the weather looks good for Saturday. Now it shows sunny with a high of 60.


Looking forward to it!