Cranky on the Web (April 25 – 29)

Getting bumped gets more lucrativeCNN Out of the Office
If you get bumped against your will, compensation is rising, but that could also mean higher fares.

In the Trenches: Building Our Own Tech ToolsIntuit Small Business Blog
Sometimes, you just have to start building your own tools when off-the-shelf options don’t work.

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Allegiant also doesn’t overbook.

Alex Berger

Definitely glad to see the increased penalties for overbooked flights. Right now it’s too profitable a proposition for the airlines which is encouraging dreadful customer service/overbookings. Hopefully this helps a bit.

Carson W.

I agree. Overbooking should be given attention because it is such a hassle to travelers. Overbooking is just like hoarding where in they want to accomodate more than they can handle.

Carson W.
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