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Airlines Start Tightening Belts as Fuel Prices RiseBNET Headwinds
Fuel prices are on the rise and that means it’s time for airlines to start revisiting growth plans. Delta’s already done it.

Low-Cost Airlines: Increasingly Flying to a Major Airport Near YouBNET Headwinds
Secondary airports used to be the place to find low cost carriers, but they’re now increasingly moving toward primary airports.

Why airline fees are good for Out of the Office
I’m now writing a new weekly column entitled Out of the Office. I started off with a very controversial topic, and the reaction was, um, stiff. People aren’t nearly as civilized with their comments on, that’s for sure.

US Airways: Why We Don’t Bother Hedging Jet-Fuel PricesBNET Headwinds
US Airways doesn’t hedge, and so far it’s paying dividends. See why the strategy makes sense for the airline today.

Google-ITA Rewards Orbitz and Undercuts Merger Opposition at the Same TimeBNET Headwinds
ITA signed a renewal with Orbitz and that might have some impact on whether or not Google’s effort to buy ITA gets approved.

In the Trenches: Getting Help with HiringIntuit Small Business Blog
After realizing that hiring on my own wasn’t going to work well, I looked elsewhere for help.

Heathrow-Virgin Spat: Virgin Caves, but Wins the PR BattleBNET Headwinds
Virgin Atlantic’s effort to withhold funds from BAA has failed, but the war is still ongoing.

Delta ranks near bottom in on-time performanceAtlanta Journal-Constitution
I was asked whether a poor on time performance record would make fliers consider alternatives. Yep.

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