Today is the Official Launch of My Book and You Can Win a Copy

Today is the official launch of my book, “Where the Hell Am I Going?” (What makes it official? ’cause I said so.) It’s now up for sale on Amazon (with the search inside feature, for those who want to read a sample) and on Kindle. I’m surprised to see places already offering used copies as well. Sounds shady to me. Since it’s the official launch, I figured I should take the advice of one of the Where the Hell Am I Goingcommenters on my last post and give an opportunity to win a copy of the book. If you’re game, keep reading.

For those who didn’t see my previous post, this book is a combination of a couple of things. It’s a travelogue about my three-week odyssey driving around the US shortly after a) getting married and b) getting laid off. As you can imagine, sitting on the road for that long gives one a lot of time to think. So the travelogue is combined with me searching through memories and trying to figure out, uh, where the hell I was going (figuratively, not literally – I’m awesome with navigation, usually). If you’re worried that it’s going to be a sappy, boring book, you clearly don’t read this blog often. It’s got my usual snark in there, and I’ve received some great feedback from people who have read it.

The list price is a mere $14.99, but those wacky book people at Amazon are selling it for $10.79. That’s a mere 4 cents per page. Can’t do better than that on a per page cost! (Ok, maybe you can if you hoard those free pamphlets in Vegas that tell you to get over your gambling addiction, but whatever.) The Kindle edition is only $9.99 and you get “free delivery” via Amazon Whispernet. Sounds like people who used to name airplanes (Whisperjet) have found a home at Amazon.

Whisperjet vs Whispernet

Is $10 just way too much for your budget? That sucks. But don’t worry, there’s hope. I’m looking for the five best reasons as to why I should give you a free copy. It’s easy to buy and it’s pretty cheap, so you’ll need to get creative on this one. You can post your reason in the comment section below (make sure you use the email you’d like to be contacted on if you win) or you can email it in to The deadline for submission is one week from today. Yep, you have until Thursday, July 22 at 12 noon Pacific Daylight Time. Winners will be posted on Friday, July 23.

If you can’t stand suspense and just want to buy a copy, you know where to go.

Buy “Where the Hell am I Going?” From Amazon
Buy “Where the Hell am I Going?” For Kindle

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