Cranky on the Web (Nov 2 – 6)

Cranky Concierge watches your backHartford Courant
More on Cranky Concierge. It’s picking up steam.

Delta Air Lines Rips Into International Association of MachinistsBNET
The IAM has postponed its representation efforts for Delta’s fleet service workers, and Delta is pissed.

United Seems to Be Closer to Buying New AircraftBNET
Word on the street is that United may finally pull the trigger and buy new planes. But what will they be?

getting your guests to your wedding for
If you’re getting married, getting people out there can be pricey. Here are some tips for saving a little cash.

Therapy for delayed fliersHouston Chronicle
A great article on using Cranky Concierge. Check it out and sign up!

Continental Airlines Revenues are 15 Percent Worse Than Last YearBNET
October revenues are coming in, and the year-over-year comparisons look better but the numbers still look bad.

Ontario Airport’s High Costs Showcase Missed OpportunityBNET
A followup on Ontario Airport’s high costs shows that too many employees making too much money are putting a big burden on the airport’s cost structure.

United Airlines Looks Toward Africa for ProfitsBNET
United will start flying to Africa for the first time, and my guess is that it’s not because Africa is looking more interesting. It’s because the rest of the world is looking pretty bad.

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