Ryanair Goes Offline for the Weekend

If you need to book a ticket, change your ticket, or view your reservation on Ryanair in the next few days, you better hurry up. 08_02_22 ryanairdndStarting tonight (Friday, Feb 22) at 10pm GMT (11pm on the Continent), Ryanair will completely shut down its booking engine while it upgrades it. The site won’t come back up until Monday, Feb 25 at 11p GMT. During that time, you won’t be able to:

  • Make a booking online
  • Make any changes to an existing booking online
  • Review your flight itinerary online
  • Check-in online for any flight (fees will be waived to check-in at the airport)
  • Get any information from Ryanair – they’re shutting down their call centers the whole time

I have to say, I can’t remember ever seeing a system upgrade go like this before. Knowing Ryanair, this was probably the cheapest way to do the upgrade, so they signed on to just shut everything down. Hopefully when it comes back up, they’ll have better luck than other airlines who have recently tried to upgrade. Keep your fingers crossed, and if you’re traveling this weekend, get there earlier than normal to deal with the long lines that are likely to occur.

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